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Odin's Reach Farm


Odin's Reach Farm seeks to honor our land and our customers by breeding quality, purebred, AKKPS registered KuneKune Pigs, and raising pastured poultry and eggs through a practice of mindful, regenerative agriculture. We strive to produce artisan textiles and woodworking that enhance the lives of our customers and provide day to day beauty.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture refers to a farming approach that focuses not only on providing food to people but also trying to nourish and improve the land at the same time. 

For us, here at Odin's Reach, that means we focus on rotationally grazing our animals to insure that no land is depleted of it's natural resources and actually improves the soil, with decreased weeds, improved water retention, and maintaining nutrients in the soil. 

Rotational grazing means that we fence our chickens, goats and pigs in to smaller paddocks in the pasture and continuously move them to insure the land is not completely depleted 

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