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Odin's Reach Farm

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In the Spring of 2018, we were dreaming of finding land where we could have some animals, a garden, and start a small homestead. We were lucky enough to come across this beautiful 26 acre property with a 110 year old farm house. Located just south of Scottsville, VA, we have to come to call this place home

How did we name this farm?

When we got out of the car on our first visit we knew this was where we wanted to live - 

Rolling fields, old farm buildings, and one of the greatest white oak trees we had ever seen. It's trunk is 19.5 ft around at chest height and the broad canopy protects us, and bathes the farm in shade. 


Our niece, Rose, proudly named the tree "Yggdrasil" - the great tree of Norse mythology that held the 9 universes. From this we came up with "Odin's Reach Farm" as Yggsdrasil  didn't exactly roll off the tongue. The God, Odin, and Yggsdrasil were closely connected thru Norse stories. We like to say we bought a tree and got a house/farm with it.

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