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KuneKune Pigs
(pronounced cooney-cooney)

KuneKune pigs originated in New Zealand and were once near extinction. They were "re-discovered" in the 1970's and it was estimated that there were only 50 purebred KuneKunes left at that time. Two men, Michael Willis and John Simister created the KuneKune conservation program, and with 6 purebred sows and 3 boars, worked to establish more herds, which in turn saved the breed from extinction. 

KuneKunes are known for their docile and friendly personalities and unlike many pig breeds prefer to graze on grass. Physically, they are recognizable by their short, upturned snouts, and many of them have wattles under their chins. 

To learn more about KuneKune pigs, please visit the American KuneKune Pig Society (AKKPS). 

Here at Odin's Reach Farm, we are just establishing our KuneKune breeding program. You can meet our 2 gilts and boars below. We plan to sell registered KuneKune piglets as well as produce KuneKune pork products for sale. 

Please                      us with any questions or interest in this very special breed.

Rocky - Catlett Creek Acres - Te Whangi  (AKKPS  pending)

Willow - Hill Top Farm (AKKPS pending)

Poppy - Catlett Creek Acres - Wilsons Gina (AKKPS  pending)

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